Orgonite Experiment updated 28/06/10

While reading a recent issue of Fortean Times, I came across an article about Orgonite.  Orgonite is a simple compound made of resin, metal and crystals which is said to turn negative energy into positive energy.  The article described experiments which had taken place about the effect of Orgonite on vegetables and the results were extraordinary!  The vegetables grown with the influence of Orgonite were MASSIVE compared to the same vegetables grown without.

So, I decided to do a little experiment of my own!  I made up some Orgonite using resin, copper and quartz crystal chips to use with my own vegetable growing attemps.  My kindly neighbour gave me two tomato plants and ONE will be grown in close proximity to one of my bits of Orgonite while the other will be close by (so they are sharing the same positioning, sunlight etc.).  I suppose I’d expect them both to be positively affected by the Orgonite, but one plant should be considerably bigger and better than the other.

I’ll be posting regular photos of the plants so you can see how they are progressing – can you guess which one is the Orgonite tomato plant???

Here is a photo of them when we were first given the plants (taken 21st May 2010):

New tomato plants

And now I’ve moved them inside to live on my bedroom windowsill.  This photo was taken 1st June 2010:


8th June 2010:


Now on 16th June.  Both have two ‘bunches’ of what will eventually be tomatoes.  The one on the left has three flowers whereas the one on the right has none:


And now on 28th they have reached the top of the window! Also have one little green tomato!

Tomato plants 28th June

You can read more about Orgonite here.